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JDT Islam LP School (Aided)
Estd. 1932
Welcome to LP School, a cherished institution that has been empowering young minds since its humble inception in 1932 under the auspices of JDT Islam Orphanage. We recognize the vital role of lower primary education as the stepping stone towards higher learning. Our dedicated team of qualified and experienced teachers works tirelessly to provide a nurturing environment where every student can flourish academically and personally. We strive to create a hallmark in the field of education by implementing innovative methodologies and practices that foster a love for learning and personal growth. Our student-friendly environment ensures that every child feels supported and inspired, promoting successful learning experiences. As we proudly carry forward our 90-year legacy, LP School remains devoted to shaping a brighter future for our students.
JDT Islam High School (Aided)
Estd. 1957
Welcome to JDT Islam High School, an esteemed institution that has been shaping young minds since its establishment in 1957. Over the years, our school has grown into one of the top-ranking educational establishments in this region of Kerala. With a total strength of over 2000 students and a dedicated faculty of 75 talented teachers, we are committed to providing quality education and nurturing the young and budding generation of tomorrow. We firmly believe in ensuring that each and every student achieves their primary goal of intellectual growth and personality development. In today’s fast-paced world, education must be empowering and focused, which is why JDT High School has introduced novel teaching and learning methods, striving to remain a frontrunner among schools that provide exemplary education. At JDT Islam High School, we are known for our commendable discipline and unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Our students excel not only in academics but also in sports, games, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Embodying the spirit of compassion and social responsibility, our students have formed a Common Food Fund to feed the poor and needy children, setting an example for others to follow.
E Abdul Gafoor
Head Master
JDT Islam New Hope English School
Estd. 2003
Since its establishment in 2002, JDT Islam New Hope English School has remained at the forefront of providing quality education to young learners. Affiliated with CBSE New Delhi, our school proudly follows its syllabus, offering a holistic and enriching educational experience. At the heart of our institution lies a team of talented and experienced teachers who are dedicated to shaping the minds of students from LKG to grade 10. With a passion for teaching, they go beyond academics, emphasizing character formation and overall development. Our systematic approach to imparting religious and moral values ensures that our students grow up to be responsible and compassionate individuals, ready to face the challenges of the world. Our school’s well-equipped infrastructure provides a conducive environment for learning. In addition to the regular curriculum, we offer specialized training in communicative English and computer science, equipping our students with vital skills for the future. Moreover, our emphasis on sports, games, cultural, and extracurricular activities encourages our students to explore their passions and talents, fostering a well-rounded development.
JDT Islam IQRAA English Medium High School
Estd. 1991
Established in 1991, JDT Islam Iqraa English Medium High School has become a distinguished institution renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. Following the Kerala government syllabus, our school stands as a symbol of knowledge and progress, providing a nurturing environment for students to flourish. Central to our educational journey thrives a team of capable and devoted teachers. From the early years of LKG to the advanced grades of grade 10, our educators go above and beyond to ensure that each student receives personalized attention and guidance. Beyond imparting knowledge, we aim to instill essential moral values and foster character development, shaping responsible and compassionate individuals who will contribute positively to society. Our school boasts an impressive infrastructure, equipped with state-of-the-art smart classrooms that facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences. From sports and games to cultural pursuits, we encourage our students to explore their passions and talents, fostering a well-rounded development that extends beyond textbooks. We take immense pride in our affordability, ensuring that high-quality education is accessible to families from all backgrounds.
JDT Islam School for Differently Abled
Estd. 2011
Welcome to JDT Islam School for Differently Abled, a compassionate institution dedicated to providing specialized care and education to children aged three to 15 years with unique needs and abilities. Our school offers a comprehensive range of programs, including care groups, pre-primary, primary, and secondary classes, tailored to meet the diverse requirements of our students. With a commitment to fostering independence and personal growth, we provide vocational training for differently abled children aged 15 to 18 years, preparing them for a fulfilling future. Pre-Vocational and Vocational Batches are thoughtfully designed to empower our students with essential skills and knowledge, equipping them for real-world challenges. We have a team of experienced teachers and specialists, including physiotherapists, speech therapists, and clinical psychologists, who provide individualized care and support. Our comprehensive approach includes special education, group therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, behavioral therapy, sensory integration, yoga, meditation, music therapy, arts, sports, and vocational training. We take immense pride in witnessing a large number of our previous year students leading successful and fulfilling lives today
JDT Islam Higher Secondary School(Aided)
Estd. 2000
Since its inception in August 2000, JDT Islam Higher Secondary School has been a beacon of academic excellence and holistic development. With a commitment to providing quality education, the school offers Higher Secondary Courses in Science, Humanities, and Commerce, catering to the diverse aspirations of its students. The school’s dedication to maintaining higher standards in academics and beyond is evident in its impressive track record of outstanding performance in public examinations. Backed by a qualified and resourceful teaching faculty, students are engaged in quality studies and encouraged to acquire knowledge that goes beyond textbooks. JDT Islam Higher Secondary School boasts spacious buildings and well-equipped, ultra-modern laboratories, fostering a conducive environment for learning and exploration. We believe in empowering our students to reach their full potential and embrace their roles as responsible and compassionate individuals ready to contribute positively to society.
JDT Islam Vocational Higher Secondary School
Estd. 1991
Founded in 1991 and aided by the Government of Kerala, JDT Islam Vocational Higher Secondary School is a prestigious institution that focuses on providing quality education and practical training in various trades. Under the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, the school offers intensive coaching to shape the personality and skills of its students. With a commitment to excellence, the school takes pride in its consistent record of securing outstanding results year after year. JDT Islam Vocational Higher Secondary School is dedicated to nurturing a talented workforce for the future, with top priority given to helping students discover their innate talents and skills. The school has garnered numerous accolades and awards in recognition of its commitment to excellence. In the year 2000, the NCERT award for the Best Vocational Lecturer was bestowed upon a lecturer from this school, showcasing the exceptional quality of teaching. In 2003, the school was honored with the Best VHSS award, a testament to its all-around excellence. Moreover, the school has also earned awards such as the Best NSS Unit award, the Best Program Officer award, and the best PTC award, further solidifying its reputation for outstanding performance. The school offers a range of vocational courses, including Junior Software Developer, Lab Technician - Research & Quality Control, Handheld Device Technician, General Duty Assistant Trainee, and Craft Baker. Through these courses, students gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields.
JDT IslamHigher Secondary School (un Aided)
Estd. 2000
Established in the year 2002, JDT Islam Higher Secondary School (Unaided) has been a beacon of academic excellence and holistic development. With a pool of qualified and resourceful teaching professionals, the school offers Higher Secondary Courses in Science, Humanities, Commerce and Computer Science streams, following the syllabus of the Government of Kerala. With a result-oriented approach to education, we ensure that our students receive the best learning environment and ample opportunities for personality development. The school’s excellent infrastructure caters to a comfortable learning environment, enhancing the educational journey of our students. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, coaching students in sports, games, culture, and other pursuits, promoting a well-rounded development. In keeping with our commitment to empowering students, we have recently introduced a new batch for JEE/NEET integrated coaching. Supported by experienced faculty and a continuous evaluation process, this batch aims to provide students with the best possible preparation for these competitive examinations.
JDT Islam IQRAA Higher Secondary School
Estd. 2006
Since its establishment in 2006, JDT Islam Iqraa Higher Secondary School (Unaided) has been at the forefront of providing a well-rounded and top-quality education. Aligned with the curriculum set by the Government of Kerala, the school has earned recognition as a leading educational institution in the region. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced teachers, specializing in Science, Humanities, and Commerce streams, who are dedicated to nurturing the minds of our students. While academic excellence remains our priority, JDT Islam Iqraa Higher Secondary School also places great emphasis on holistic development. We believe in fostering a conducive learning environment supported by outstanding infrastructure, encouraging our students to explore their passions and talents in various extracurricular activities. Our school offers comprehensive coaching in sports, games, cultural pursuits, and other diverse interests, empowering students to discover their potential beyond the confines of the classroom. In line with our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our students, JDT Islam Iqraa Higher Secondary School has introduced new courses. We now provide a foundation course for aspiring Chartered Accountants and offer intensive coaching for competitive exams at the 10th and 12th levels. Additionally, we believe in promoting physical fitness and self-defense skills among our students, and to that we have special training programs in Martial Arts such as Kalari and Karate, led by Sensei Basheer, a skilled IV DAN black belt instructor.
Mrs.Neethu Sherina M
JDT Islam Senior Secondary ( NIOS )
Estd. 2000
Established in 1989, the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) has been a beacon of hope for those seeking to complete their higher secondary education after facing challenges or having to drop out due to various reasons. At JDT Islam Campus, we take immense pride in being an accredited center of NIOS since 1990, offering students a second chance to pursue their dreams and aspirations. With NIOS, students have the unique opportunity to pass the +2 level in Science, Humanities, and Commerce subjects in a shorter timeframe, providing them with a faster route to higher education and employment opportunities. Our dedicated and qualified teachers are committed to ensuring that students receive the guidance and support they need to succeed. Whether it’s through regular online or weekend classes, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment at JDT Islam, complete with well-equipped Science and Computer Labs. NIOS, as an autonomous institution under the Department of Education, Ministry for Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, is a reputable authority for teaching, examining, and certifying courses in various disciplines. Our study center at JDT Islam was established to bridge the education gap and provide accessible distance education to both the young and elder learners. Whether individuals seek to upgrade existing skills, pursue new talents, or enhance job opportunities, NIOS offers a diverse range of courses to cater to their unique aspirations and needs.
JDT Islam Polytechnic College
Estd. 1994
Established in 1994, JDT Islam Polytechnic College has earned its reputation as one of the finest polytechnic institutes in the state. Approved by AICTE and the Government of Kerala, this institute offers exemplary technical education at the diploma level, making a decade-long journey of surpassing excellence in the educational landscape. JDT Polytechnic College prides itself on offering three-year diploma courses in seven disciplines, recognized by the State Board of Technical Education, Kerala. Our institution boasts ultra-modern laboratories and a highly qualified faculty, providing unwavering support to students as they delve into their chosen subjects. Our students’ competencies are honed through comprehensive training and apprenticeships, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future endeavors. All the courses offered at JDT Islam Polytechnic College are fully recognized by universities across India, further solidifying our commitment to quality education in the technical domain. With a very good placement record, our students have secured bright career prospects, as we maintain strong industrial collaborations with esteemed companies like Toyota, Bosch, BMW, Godrej, and the Faizal & Shabana Foundation. These collaborations offer our students valuable opportunities for internships, training, and exposure to real-world challenges, enabling them to thrive in the competitive job market.
JDT Islam Industrial Training Institute
Estd. 1978
Established in 1978 with the approval of both the Government of Kerala and the Government of India, JDT Islam Industrial Training Institute (ITI) has emerged as one of Kerala’s most renowned and reputable industrial training centers. In 1980, the institute secured permanent affiliation to the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), Government of India, enabling it to conduct various NCVT-recognized courses in North Kerala. As the first institution to obtain NCVT affiliation in the region, At JDT Islam ITI, we foster a spirit of hard work, dedication, and commitment in the minds of our young students. As the first and foremost institution of its kind, we have received recommendations for assistance and aid from the World Bank, showcasing our dedication to empowering individuals through skill development. JDT ITI offers excellent and expert training in various trades, equipping students with the skills to secure better employment opportunities. Over the years, nearly 6000 students have graduated from this institution, attaining enriching careers in various sectors. Our institute offers both one-year and two-year courses in different disciplines, including NCVT 2 years courses like Draughtsman Civil, Electronic Mechanic, Refrigeration & AC Technician, and Wireman. Additionally, we provide one-year courses in Plumber, Welder, Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant, ensuring a wide array of options for students to pursue their interests and embark on successful career paths.
JDT Islam College of Arts & Science
Estd. 2005
JDT Islam College of Arts & Science, established in 2005, is a distinguished self-financing college affiliated with the University of Calicut and approved by the Government of Kerala. The college is guided by a noble vision, aimed at providing quality, job-oriented degree courses to empower the future generation as socially responsible individuals. Emphasizing the nurturing of creative minds, the institution seeks to foster the creation, application, and extension of knowledge, paving the way for a brighter and more enlightened society. Offering a diverse range of degree and postgraduate courses, JDT Islam College of Arts & Science caters to a wide array of academic interests. Students can pursue programs such as BA Multimedia, BA Travel and Tourism, BA Functional English, BA Language and Literature, B Com Finance, B Com Co-operation, B Com Computer Application, BBA, B Sc Biotechnology, B Sc Hotel Management & Catering Science, B Sc Food Technology, B Sc Computer Science, B Sc Maths, B Sc Psychology, BCA, M Com, and MA Multimedia. With a focus on innovative teaching methodologies and a commitment to academic excellence, the college endeavors to equip its students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their chosen fields. JDT Islam College of Arts & Science takes great pride in its dedication to pioneering initiatives in the realm of education. Through well-established and time-tested learning methodologies, the institution aims to set a benchmark for academic excellence and holistic development. As a bastion of knowledge and progress, the college maintains a strong emphasis on both theoretical understanding and practical application, fostering an environment that nurtures the intellectual and personal growth of its students.
JDT Islam Institute of Commerce and Technology
Estd. 2006
JDT Islam Institute of Commerce and Technology: Nurturing Excellence, Empowering Future Established in 2006, JDT Islam Institute of Commerce and Technology (ICT) serves as a distinguished distance education centre of the University of Calicut. Committed to fostering talented students, the institute excels in providing exceptional education and training in Arts and Commerce streams. Backed by a team of highly experienced and qualified faculty, ICT offers a rich learning environment with various skill development programs that contribute to the physical and mental growth of the students. Emphasizing creative and artistic endeavors, the institute also encourages engagement in social service and philanthropy, empowering students to become well-grounded individuals. In JDT Islam Institute of Commerce and Technology, students have the opportunity to explore multiple courses across different streams and fields of education. From BA (English), BA (Economics), and BA (Sociology) to BCom and BBA, the college offers a diverse range of programs. With a focus on comprehensive learning and holistic development, ICT strives to equip its students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their chosen fields and shape a promising future.
IGNOU Study Centre
Estd. 1989
Established in the year 1989, JDT Islam IGNOU Study Centre stands tall as a major accredited center in the Malabar area, catering to the educational needs of students from far and wide. Affiliated with IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University), a Central University established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, the study center embodies excellence in Distance Education. Recognized for its dedication to providing accessible education, IGNOU has been honored with the Commonwealth Award of Excellence for distance education. With a vast network of regional centers and study centers across India and abroad, IGNOU opens doors to quality education for learners from diverse backgrounds. JDT Islam IGNOU Study Centre has been at the forefront of fulfilling the aims and objectives of IGNOU, serving as a beacon of education in the districts of Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Waynad, Kannur, and Kasaragod. Over the years, the center has earned an excellent track record in uplifting the cause of education, providing opportunities for students to pursue diverse courses. From MBA, MA, MLISc, and MTTM to various PG Diploma, Bachelor’s courses like BA, BLISc, BSc, BCA, BSW, BTS, BCom, and Diploma courses, JDT Islam IGNOU Study Centre offers a wide range of educational pathways to suit the aspirations and interests of learners. At JDT Islam IGNOU Study Centre, we believe in empowering education beyond boundaries. With the support of IGNOU’s comprehensive and flexible learning approach, we enable students to balance their academic pursuits with personal and professional commitments. Our commitment to empowering minds through accessible and inclusive education remains unwavering, ensuring that learners from all walks of life can embrace a world of knowledge and opportunities.
JDT Islam College of Pharmacy
Estd. 1996
Since its establishment in 1996, JDT Islam College of Pharmacy has earned a prestigious reputation among institutions offering pharmacy education. Within a short span of time, it has become one of the most sought-after Pharmacy Colleges in Kerala. Initially offering a diploma in pharmacy program, the college’s mission is to produce skilled and dedicated pharmacists through rigorous training. Proudly, the institution has produced numerous talented Pharmacy Diploma holders who have secured successful employment in various health sectors in India and abroad. Responding to the growing demand for pharmacists in the healthcare sector, JDT Islam introduced a degree in pharmacy course in 2004. Affiliated with the Kerala University of Health Sciences, the college offers a four-year graduate program in Pharmacy. Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), the college boasts dedicated and experienced faculty, well-equipped laboratories, a state-of-the-art library, and a supportive non-teaching staff. Expanding its horizons, the college now offers M Pharm (Pharmacy Practice) to further enhance the knowledge and expertise of aspiring pharmacists. JDT Islam College of Pharmacy takes pride in providing extensive support to its students. Industrial visits, study tours, observation of health days, and various activities are organized to enhance students’ overall development. The college also offers scholarships to SC, ST, and Minority students, making quality education accessible to all. With an excellent placement record and a ragging-free campus, the college ensures a nurturing and empowering environment for its students, fostering a strong sense of community and pride among its alumni.
JDT Islam College of Physiotherapy
Estd. 2005
Established in 2005 and affiliated with the Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS), JDT Islam College of Physiotherapy is a prominent institution that offers a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) course of four and a half years duration, accommodating 50 students annually. Additionally, it provides a Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) course with two specializations: Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal & Sports and Physiotherapy in Cardio-Respiratory, which spans over 2 years. The college’s mission is to produce graduate specialists in allied health science, equipped with transferable intellectual and practical skills to serve the community. The college emphasizes quality training and practical sessions, making use of IQRAA International Hospital and other nearby multi-specialty hospitals. In 2013, the JDT Islam Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre began functioning on the college premises, further enhancing practical education and aligning with the institution’s charitable motto. Aspiring physiotherapists can pursue their passion for healthcare at JDT Islam College of Physiotherapy through the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) program, open to 12th pass students, and the Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) program, which requires a BPT degree for eligibility. With a focus on providing comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience, the college is committed to molding skilled and dedicated professionals in the field of physiotherapy. As a leading center for physiotherapy education, JDT Islam College of Physiotherapy is committed to nurturing specialists who can make a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and society as a whole.
JDT Islam College of Nursing
Estd. 2005
Established in 2005, JDT Islam College of Nursing is an affiliated self-financing nursing college under the Kerala University of Health Sciences. Backed by IQRAA International Hospital, a 360-bedded multi-specialty tertiary care center in Malapramba, Kozhikode, the college is recognized by KNMC and INC. Offering a comprehensive four-year Basic BSc Nursing program, the college admits 50 students annually. The curriculum is one of the most comprehensive in the field of Nursing, providing students with a strong foundation in clinical knowledge and skills. The college enjoys a commendable reputation for academic excellence and clinical exposure. Equipped with spacious and state-of-the-art labs, the beautiful ambience fosters a conducive learning environment. A dedicated group of experienced faculty members guides and mentors the students, helping them reach new heights in their professional journey. To date, eight batches of students have successfully completed the course, ready to serve the healthcare community with proficiency and compassion. The College of Nursing offers clinical exposure at renowned institutions, including Iqraa Hospital (Parent Hospital) and affiliated hospitals like Govt. Mental Health Centre, Women and Children Hospital, PHCs and CHCs under District Medical Officer, and MIMS Hospital, Calicut. These opportunities provide students with hands-on experience in various specialties, ensuring their holistic growth as competent nurses. With a strong emphasis on students’ well-being, the college offers various support services, including quality assurance, NSS, arts, sports, and games. Additionally, the institution hosts multiple clubs and cells such as SNA, ECO Club, Women Empowerment Cell, Anti Harassment Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell, and more. The college’s vision is to achieve excellence in nursing education and services to humanity, while its mission is to train and mold clinically competent and knowledgeable nurses, instilled with human values, to meet global requirements. JDT Islam College of Nursing remains dedicated to nurturing compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals who can make a positive impact on the world.
Iqraa Academy
Estd. 2000
IQRAA Academy stands as a pioneering institution, offering best training in various fields of the healthcare and paramedic sectors. Backed by IQRAA International Hospital and Research Centre, the academy is committed to providing top-notch education and skill development. As a recognized Service Provider and Skill Knowledge Partner of TATA Institute of Social Sciences - Mumbai (TISS-SVE), IQRAA Academy offers BSc programs in Dialysis Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, and Medical Lab Technology. The dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to student success have earned IQRAA Academy the prestigious Award of the Top-performing hub of TISS-SVE for three consecutive years. IQRAA Academy welcomes aspiring students with a science background to embark on a transformative journey of knowledge and skill acquisition.The Academy prides itself on offering cutting-edge BVOC courses in partnership with Lingaya’s University, providing comprehensive training in Hospital Sterilization Technology, Hospital Management and Patient Care Management. With a focus on nurturing talent and fostering future healthcare professionals. The courses’ three-year duration ensures a robust educational experience that equips students with the necessary expertise to thrive in the dynamic healthcare industry. IQRAA Academy warmly invites students who have completed their +2 education to enroll in its BVOC courses.
IQRAA International Hospital & Research Centre
Estd. 2000
IQRAA International Hospital and research Centre was established in 2000 by JDT Islam orphanage committee, Calicut, India with the generous support of IQRAA for Human Relations. Our Parent Organization : JDT Islam Orphanage & Educational Institutions. JDT Islam, 1, NH212, JDT, Vellimadukunnu, Marikunnu P.O. Kozhikode, Kerala 673012. IQRAA Hospital has evolved as a centre of excellence in medicine by delivering high-quality healthcare services at affordable cost to the poor in particular and the society at large.Today, we are a leading healthcare provider in Calicut, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to deliver the best of services and thereby fulfilling its commitment to the society. This 430-bed hospital, with the expertise of senior consultants, high-quality nursing staff, up to date diagnostic facilities and a committed management has taken giant leaps in its growth to a multi-specialty centre of excellence. We have an excellent crew consisting of 140 Doctors.
JDT Islam School of Nursing
Estd. 2007
Established in 2007 (Re-started in 2023), JDT Islam School of Nursing is an affiliated self financing Nursing School under the Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council (KNMC). Backed by Iqraa International Hospital and Research Centre, Malaparamba, Kozhikode. The College is recognized by KNMC. Offering a comprehensive 3 year Nursing Diploma program. The College admits 40 students annually. The curriculum is one of the most comprehensive in the field of nursing, providing students with a strong foundation in clinical knowledge and skills. A dedicated group of experienced faculty members guides and mentors the students, helping them reach new heights in their professional journey. Our vision is to achieve excellence in nursing education and services to humanity, while its mission is to train and mould clinically competent and knowledgeable nurses, instilled with human values, to meet global requirements. JDT Islam School of Nursing remains dedicated to nurturing compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals who can make a positive impact on the world.
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